GuardianX is the most advanced personal safety solution on the planet for both consumers and organizations.


Crowd-sourcing - Power lies in Numbers

GuardianX is a powerful tool to empower communities and create community based safety. You can see other nearby GuardianX users on the map and feel safe when you know that there is always someone nearby to help you. Nearby users are anonymous to prevent misuse.


guardianx alarm - one swipe to safety

You can alarm both your five primary contacts and other nearby GuardianX users with one swipe on your smartphone. They will receive your alarm and see your location so that they can easily come to your help or call the authorities.



Users can alarm both their five primary contacts and other nearby GuardianX users with one swipe on their smartphone.


Follow me - never walk alone

You can request one or more of your contacts to follow you virtually from A to B. Your chosen contacts can see you on live map view and walk you safely to your destination. Always have someone to walk you home safely.


We believe that people are fundamentally good.


Approximately 4.5 billion people live without a state provided emergency service or number even though physical integrity and personal safety are declared as basic human rights by United Nations.

Every 98 seconds another American is sexually assaulted. 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. 1 out of every 10 rape victims are male. Violence and sexual violence, especially towards women and children are a massive global problem.

Still, we strongly believe that people are fundamentally good. We believe that together we can change this. We saw an opportunity to empower communities and offer a solution to these problems through technology.

GuardianX personal safety app was created with a mission to empower people and create safer communities all around the world. We want to create a movement that leaves a legacy. We want to help consumers, families and organizations to provide the most advanced personal safety solution for themselves. GuardianX is a revolutionizing solution for a safer tomorrow.

Join the movement. Be Safe. Together.


For Businesses


GuardianX offers organizations and communities a powerful tool to empower and engage their members in ensuring a safe and open environment for everyone. With GuardianX universities, enterprises, schools, cities and event organizers can engage their community members to ensure safety both within and outside their communities. Campuses, cities and events offer an ideal environment for crowd-sourced safety and active bystander prevention. Let's discuss how your organization can join the movement. Contact us through our contact form or send us an email at


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Lead engineer

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Back-end / Full-stack developeR

with experience in AWS tools, Node.js, Python and JavaScript

Data scientist

with with experience in machine learning, algorithms and AWS tools


About Us


GuardianX Technologies Ltd. the company behind GuardianX safety app has it’s roots in Scandinavia, Finland. Finland was chosen the safest country in the world in 2016 by World Economic Forum. We want to make the Nordic safety a global benchmark.


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